January 19, 2005 9:39 am

(The Smell Of The White Man Is Killing Us)

We the Custodial Owners of Nyoongah Culture Respectfully representing our Traditional Elders, Spiritual Leaders, and Grass Roots Advocates of the Nyoongah people declare a Stand of belligerent Confrontation on All People who for their own interests with no RESPECT, DIGNITY or INTEGRITY continually exploit Our Culture and Spirituality.

Where as on multiple fronts varying interest have infiltrated the Sacredness of our Culture for the purpose of Desecration and control. These interests reflect Anthropological Studies, Scientific Research, White Consultants, Eco Tourism, Student Studies, Medical Interests, Herbalists, Alternative Religious Practitioners, Humanitarians, Self Proclaimed Healers, Spiritual ans Psychological Refugees, New Age Shamans, Cultists and Their Followers.

Where as Our Significant Sacred Objects that bore the Storylines of our Origins of Existence have been Stolen and stored in Collection around the world.

Where as various Animal Life with Totemic Significance are now known to be extinct, many forms of Flora which provided Medicine for Our People no longer flourish in abundance, and ochre pits rich in Ancient Paint used for Ceremonial Purpose have been destroyed.

Where as the Skulls and Bones of our Proud and Strong People have been dispersed throughout the World as grotesque souvenirs or have been taken into World Laboratories and Museums for supposed experimental purposes.

Where as Non-Aboriginal people ‘Wadjulla’ (WHITE) Academics, Intellectuals and Theorists have enforced their Images based on Their Value Belief Systems creating distorted realism of Our Traditional Values and Way of life.

Where as Non-Aboriginal people ‘Wadjulla’ have assigned themselves to make believe Aboriginal Names to facilitate wholesome expropriation and commercialisation of our Nyoongah Traditions by all means of extortion.

Where as Academic Institutions supported by Statuary Bodies mimic, duplicate and exploit Significant Traditional Art Symbols and meanings for recreational School Art Programs, encouraging Non-Aboriginal expressions creating alien story concepts. Where as Media, Film Industry and non-aboriginal Art Expressionists continue to promote systematic Colonisation Grossly Distorting Nyoongah Spirituality and culture which reinforces the publics negative stereotyping of nyoongah people and gravely impairs the self esteem of our people.

Where as Individuals and groups involved in the New Age Movement, Women’s Movement and Neo-Pagan Cults and Shamanism Workshops have all exploited the Spiritual and Cultural Traditions of Nyoongah People by imitation of Ceremonial Understanding and molten Meshing this with Non-Aboriginal Occult Practice oppressive manner.

This Breeds The Implications Of A False Identity For Future Generations

So Therefore we resolve as follows:

As a result of this continued assault and misrepresentation of Nyoongah Spiritual and Cultural traditions this requires immediate action to protect Our precious Spirituality form Further desecration, contamination and abuse.

  1. We will by the Blood of Our Ancestors nurture and protect Our People, Traditions and Spiritual Practice by whatever means.
  2. We will by way of Traditional Protocol inform All Aboriginal People to actively participate to oppose Cultural and Systematic genocide of Our Traditions and Way of Life.
  3. We call for the strength of Unity of all Aboriginal People in Urban and rural Areas to identify and resist all abuses and exploitation of Our Culture utilising whatever tactics are required in accordance to Aboriginal Protocol.
  4. We condemn the Internalising of Our Own People who continue to profit from their own prostitution of Nyoongah Culture for their own gain and self acclaim with no regard to the well being of All Nyoongah People.
  5. We Oppose Stridently and Non-Aboriginal Author with accumulated Cultural Information who impress their own Imaginative Theories and fabricated Ideologies claiming any Ownership or Rights to Speak or Act on Behalf of the Nyoongah Community and Our Culture.
  6. We oppose Nyoongah Culture promotion being exploited and used to create a false illusion of Reconciliation as part of celebrating any activity regarding the Colonisation of Our People for political interests ie Australia Day, Bicentennial and Centennial Celebrations etc, etc, ...

May our campfires burn forever.

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