The Kyana Gallery, Dumbartung received a National Significance Award by the National Library and Prime Minister and Cabinet, November 2010.

It has been obvious to those visiting Dumbartung that there is much untapped potential to build on the proud tradition already established over more than two decades.

Perhaps most obvious is the need for an improved facility from which to operate. Presently, available space is far too limited. The exhibition space for the Kyana Gallery is inadequate to house the collection to a professional museum standard or from which to operate programs.

This is particularly the case with the room in which secret-sacred material is held – a room that is subject to damp and is so small that the objects cannot be housed satisfactorily.

Their report makes clear that there is a collection significant enough to warrant the investment necessary to allow Dumbartung to be able to reach a fuller potential.

Dr Brian Shepherd, 2010

Dumbartung was awarded a Significant Assessment Award by the Prime Minister and Cabinet and National Library as being extremely important to Australia and its people.

This map was an appreciated gift from the prisoners of Canningvale in 1991, expressing their gratitude for the Prison Art Program.

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