International Indigenous Connections

United States of America

Intellectual Property rights and cultural ownership campaign. – 1995


Meeting with Chiefs of Ontario 1996 & Skins – California University student group.


Marlo Morgan Walk in Protest, Kobe City & Tokyo Forums & Salmon Ceremonies. – 1996

Netherlands Amsterdam

Marlo Morgan Mutant Message Down Under Campaign, Mock court trial on intellectual property rights and University lecture tours. – 1997

Brazil Rio de Janeiro

cultural conference presentation, Dumbartung Key Note address. – 1998


Presenter on cultural and environmental conference. – 2001

Geneva Switzerland

Speaking tour to private colleges and the World Health Organisation. – 2014

South Africa, Cape Town

Meetings with the King of the Khoisan peoples, including the Desmond Tutu Foundation and other various cultural/political institutions. – 2017

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