Publications and Cultural Materials

All publications are available for purchase and prices include GST. Please get in touch with Selina on (08) 9451 4977 for product enquiries.


Bulyer Boona Boodja cultural repatriation ($25.00)

Boodja Koora Kooralong (Long ago is) Ale Nyoongah Myar (South West Aboriginal People's Property). A dedication of the Kyana Gallery cultural objects & articulate.

Hamburgers for Masterpieces the story of Nyoongah art exploitation ($25.00)

Is a story of the Nyoongah cultural and political resistance.

Kerosene Tins and Love Hearts Booklet ($10.00)

A tribute to the child artists of Carrolup Mission.

Nyoongah Corroboree Kyana Festival Booklet ($25.00)

Information and images of the Kyana Festival.


We of the People ($25.00)

Descriptive of Dumbartung's 30 year history.


Invisible Ink Symposim 2019 ($15.00)

Museum of Freedom and Tolerance, Fremantle Maritime Museum.

Yokai (A Shout of Victory) ($20.00)

A twenty year resistance against the exploitation of Nyoongah Culture and Spirituality Dumbartung gives tribute to all the past great Nyoongah artists, poets, storytellers, human rights advocates, articulated warriors and strong staunch Nyoongah women who lived and created on the fringes of the East Perth area.

Hoodies & T-shirts

Hoodies ($50.00) and T-shirts ($30.00)

Featuring the Kyana logo.


Kerosene Tins and Love Heart Exhibition ($6,000 plus)

A dynamic and unique photographic exhibition on the journey of the Stolen Generation in the South West of Australia.

This exhibition is made of archival photos and first hand accounts of child survivors. It is made of images of the seven major mission and consist of 220 – A2 size mounted photographs'.

The exhibition can be opened by members of the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation.

This exhibition would be greatly valued during NAIDOC Week, Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week and Human Rights Day.

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