Aboriginal Youth Camps

Dumbartung offers a wide range of Cultural activities throughout the year. The main activity is the Aboriginal Youth camps called camp Biarra.

The camps are co-ordinates twice a year and cater for up to twenty young people including a number of youth participants.

The camps are attended primarily by young Aboriginal children who have been placed in Non Aboriginal foster placements, and are designed to help foster and encourage young people in their cultural identity, building up a strong sense of identity and resilience.

Aboriginal Art and Photographic Classes

Dumbartung co-ordinates four major art courses per year and a photographic course. The art courses are run at the organisation whilst the photographic course is usually co-ordinated outside the site.

The art courses are specifically targeted at state based schools and also includes Catholic based secondary facilities with high Aboriginal student populations.

We recently launched our Podcast "Tribal Fires" on BuzzSprout. Tribal Fires a grassroots podcast station straight out of Bibbulumun country.

The podcasts are published on all major podcast channels: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, iHeartRadio and more.