Social Wellbeing and Counselling Services

Discussion of the circumstances of trauma and abuse is often an important precursor to the healing process. Part of the philosophy of the program is the understanding that in many circumstances harmful emotions resulting from trauma and abuse are buried deeper as time passes, this in turn makes it increasingly difficult for the individual to feel confident about discussing their experience to outside services or individuals. In most cases when a person has lived with theses traumas for most of their lives without being aware of the extent of the problems associated with their experiences or how this has affected those around them. Research has established that there are many factors that stop individuals from coming to terms with their experiences.

One factor that is certain is that the individual needs to have a sense of safety and trust and be in an environment that is free from prejudice and judgement.

Dumbartung's Social Wellbeing Program provides such a safe, non-judgemental environment, in which this healing can take place. Similarly, the individual/participants can freely talk about other problems, which often stem from their experiences; and endeavour to get the help they need to release and resolve this pain and trauma.

The program is a service primarily for Aboriginal people although it does allow space for non-Aboriginal people, particularly those who parent Aboriginal children.

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