Robert Eggington

Robert Eggington is the Director of the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation and has been for the past 32 years, working in excess of 40 years in community-based organisations.

He is the founder of the highly acclaimed Kyana festivals held in Perth during 1991-1993, Robert also founded and evolved the award winning Kyana gallery which was recognised with a significant assessment award of the collection in 2010.

Robert has instigated the vast majority of the projects and initiatives co-ordinated by Dumbartung.

Selina Eggington

Selina has worked at Dumbartung as the Social Well Being project officer for the past 15 years.

She founded the highly successful Aboriginal women’s healing program called Kootamiara Quab meaning healthy and strong!

She  went on to be instrumental in creating the awareness and focus on suicide prevention and family counseling following the loss of family members and loved ones.

Selina also is very involved with the organisations cross cultural programs and discussion groups.

The Board of Director’s

Dumbartung meets regularly with an appointed board of directors as part of the requirements of the Office of the Registrar Indigenous Corporations (ORIC)and the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) CATSI ACT 2006.

Volunteers and groups

There are a number of volunteers and groups who offer their expertise and with whom we work, in close association on specific programs.

We recently launched our Podcast "Tribal Fires" on BuzzSprout. Tribal Fires a grassroots podcast station straight out of Bibbulumun country.

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