The immediate and long term aspiration for Dumbartung is to ensure that our legacy is maintained and forged into the future generations.

The story and the journey of Dumbartung is expressed on a range of varying formats from audio visuals, booklets, DVD presentations, photographic exhibitions, and also reflected in a book authored by Professor of English literature and Australian Studies in Canada, Dr John Ustace. The title of the book centred mainly on our Intellectual Property Rights and issues and is titled, Old Battle New Age. It reflected the story of the campaign against American author,  Marlo Morgan and her book titled "Mutant Message Down Under".

The collective of the cultural materials of the Kyana gallery includes sacred and secret objects that need to be preserved by the organisation in appropriate and well-designed facilities.

It is our hope that we will build a self-styled building that will include a recording studio as well as a multimedia centre, where students can study the contents of the gallery and younger people can utilise the recording studio for self-esteem and social wellbeing issues.

It will also act as citadel or bastion where we can "Tell our Story Our Way" a proper and dignified presentation of our history and our old people’s way of life with integrity and truth.

The importance of the bastion is to tell a historical truth to our young generation, that which they are unable to attain in mainstream educational institutions. We believe that this is a human right that we need as a people, to know about the past atrocities of the Native Welfare ACT (1901),  the open killing fields, and the ongoing social and political atrocities that are challenging our young people on a day to day basis.

The future aspiration of Dumbartung is to be able to display with integrity, the cultural and historical significance of the spiritual richness of our cultural collectives of paintings and artefacts as was stated in the significant assessment report by Dr Brian Shepard and Paul Bridges who gave meaning to the importance of the gallery... "The Kyana gallery has become a tangible centrepiece of the campus from which Dumbartung reaches out into the wider community.

Increasingly it is being understood that museums and collections that contribute to a social good are those most likely to survive into the future. Having such a strong sense of social purpose and with a demonstrated history of having made a difference in many people’s lives, Dumbartung amply meets this criterion."

Dr Brian Shepard Mr Paul Bridges, 2011.

We recently launched an ambitious effort with the school of architecture, Curtin University to create new spaces, markers, and memorials that address the legacy of disadvantage, which shapes many issues today.

We recently launched our Podcast "Tribal Fires" on BuzzSprout. Tribal Fires a grassroots podcast station straight out of Bibbulumun country.

The podcasts are published on all major podcast channels: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, iHeartRadio and more.