Dumbartung provides a unique conscious experience for visiting groups. The knowledge and stories are shared through lived experiences. The dynamic is a non-academic approach to learning about all aspects of Aboriginal life. 

Here at Dumbartung you get a holistic experience of consciousness training. You don't just get the information and the knowledge, you walk away with a complete understanding of how Australia's history has been told, and is still told today through a prism or a lens of its colonial history. And so what you get to see is the impact of how that history has impacted on Aboriginal peoples everyday life.

I've seen the most hardened and resistant participants here at Dumbartung... leave here, and you can see it in their body language, that they had felt probably, the most pain and discomfort that they've felt in a long time... I've seen them come back - those very same people; they leave not just with knowledge and information. They leave with a knowing of how to use that information.

Cathryn Groves

Indigo Australia International

Manager, Substantive Equality (EOC) 



Dumbartung has designed an exclusive Aboriginal Cultural Consciousness experience for people working in areas of Aboriginal interest including training programs. The program is held at the Dumbartung site situated at Clontarf 295 Manning Rd, Waterford (opposite Curtin University).

The Kyana Aboriginal cultural art gallery is where people experience a rich diversity of Aboriginal culture from across the country with specific focus on Nyoongah Cultural materials, including art from the Carrolup Mission created by the internationally acclaimed children known as the “Little Black Fingers of the Bush”.

This tour is an experience where you will learn about the art and its history and is co-ordinated by a Nyoongah man who has the knowledge and history to make this a life changing experience.

The day will offer an interesting and fascinating experience learning about Nyoongah language and traditional lifestyle including bush medicine, ochres and other important cultural objects.

The program will also address historical as well as contemporary issues that Aboriginal people are challenged with and can be suited to the specific interest groups needs and purpose.

This program can be offered as a half or full day visit. There are also half and full day workshop designed to your specific topics of concerns and interests.

To find out more about our educational tours and cultural consciousness training – contact Selina on (08) 9451 4977

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